Transgender Hair Restoration Chicago

For transgender patients, one of the final touches and crowning enhancements to the change they have worked for so long is proper hair restoration.

Hair transplantation is a vital part of gender reassignment.  Whether it’s creating a feminine hairline, filling in a bald area, or adding masculine facial hair, no transgender transformation is complete without the right hair restoration.

Male to Female (MTF) Transformation

For male to female transformation hair restoration can be a personal image-saver.

With hair transplants you can eliminate the need for wigs or hairpieces and the constant worry and self-consciousness that comes with them.  Gone is the concern over being caught in the wind or otherwise exposing an unwanted hairline.

Estrogen therapy can help stabilize hair loss and a receding hair line, but cannot grow back hair that has already been lost, or create a female hairline; for this you need surgical hair restoration like that provided by Dr. Turowski and his team.

If you look closely, you can see that women and men of all ages have different hairlines.  Women have a more rounded line and the hair doesn’t recede at the temples. Men have a far different shape to their hairline. This is part of what establishes the male or female appearance.
Hair transplantation can feminize, creating a hairline that enhances female features.

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Female to Male (FTM) Transformation

 Hair on the face is a strikingly male trait. It increases the appearance of adult masculinity.

 For female to male transformation, testosterone treatments can give some much-needed facial hair growth.  However, in many cases this hormone therapy does not result in sufficient hair volume, and is not adequate to grow sideburns, a beard or mustache.  Testosterone can also cause balding.

Transgender hair restoration can replace any balding spots on the head and enhance the look of masculinity by giving the patient the perfect amount of facial hair.

No matter the amount or style of facial hair you desire, Dr. Turowski will be glad to work with you on achieving the exact appearance you’re looking for.

Depending on your timeline, you may want to look into hair restoration early in your transformation, since it can take up to a year to see the final results.

Our hair restoration specialists always takes great care in making sure your transgender hair restoration is exactly right for you and who you really feel you are.

Please give us a call and schedule your consultation.

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