Female to male transition – Masculinization procedures

Facial Masculinization

Transgender Rhinoplasty

For a female to male rhinoplasty procedure we are looking for the opposite effect. Specifically, the bridge of the nose on profile should remain strong and high; a scooped out nose or a ski jump should be avoided. The rotation of the tip of the nose (how turned up or down the nose is) should be subtle in a neutral position and not turned up. The nasal bridge must be straightened and should not be concave, as this tends to feminize the nose.

Transgender Brow Hair Transplant

In some females hairline can adjusted to a more male appearing frontal hairline either with hair removal or transplant. Also brow transplants can be performed to appear more masculine. Beard and moustache cration transplants have been quite popular. We utilize robotic FUE hair trasnaplants without creating ugly linear scars. When performed in this fashion hair transplant procedures are almost painless

Chin Enhancement

To create a more masculine appearance, Dr. Turowski will perform a chin enhancement procedure. Facial masculinization can be accomplished with the use of dermal fillers or facial implants to accentuate the jawline or chin. Most of the time inside a mouth incision can be used for implant placement avoiding visible under the chin scars

Female to Male Chest Surgery (breast reduction)

Several different surgical procedures are available to patients seeking to have breast tissue removed in order to create a masculine chest area.

The plastic surgery process involves removing breast tissue and sometimes excess skin. Options for breast tissue removal include liposuction to the chest and/or more involved surgery, which removes firm and glandular breast tissue as well as the fat that can be removed with the lipo technique. The type of breast reduction surgery that will be right for you is based on your anatomy and personal goals, and is best determined during your consultation with Dr. Turowski.

Hip Reduction

For a more masculine appearance ultrasonic liposuction maybe used to reduce hip and thigh prominence

Dr. Turowski understands the needs of the transgender individual and is experienced in the surgical procedures needed to make the transition as seamless and comfortable as possible.