Cosmetic breast surgery

Breast Augmentation Chicago a Personal Story by Dr Gregory Turowski Breast enhancement is an art. Although it is quite simple for an average plastic surgeon to place a breast implant through a large cut incision – leaving a conspicuous (sometimes ugly) scar and causing a breast bump rather than beautifully shaped breasts, this is not […]

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This procedure is designed to reshape and elevate the sagging or drooping breast (as a result of weight loss, natural aging process, congenital deformity or changes following pregnancy and breast feeding). Mastopexy may be combined with a small breast reduction or augmentation procedure. Actual patient of Dr Turowski * Breast lift / Mastopexy FAQ Why […]

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These procedures are designed to reduce size of the breasts. Large breasts are frequently associated with upper back/neck pain, shoulder grooving, under breast skin irritation. Therefore, most of these procedures are potentially covered by health insurance. Each patient has to be individually approved by her insurance company. There are several techniques of breast reduction procedure. […]

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Some women are either born with inverted nipples (or nipple) or develop this deformity over time or as result of breast feeding. Although functionally it is rarely a problem (can prevent breast feeding ability), it may be a source of social discomfort and anxiety. Inverted nipples can be corrected during an easy to go through […]

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Most women have some minor asymmetries of the breasts. These usually do not cause any concerns and are as typical as minor asymmetry of the face. However in some cases these asymmetries maybe very significant and may be causing significant degree of anxiety. These can be corrected through a variety of procedures, including breast reduction, […]

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There is a new option of non-surgical correction of gynecomastia – Coolsculpting. This is off label treatment but we have utilized this method with success in many patients. Freezing destroys fat and leads to shrinkage of gynecomastia. This is a non-surgical option which can be a good choice to appropriate candidates.* Occasionally, the size of […]

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Although the name of our practice New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery suggests that our physicians specialize only in cosmetic surgery, Dr Turowski is fully- trained plastic surgeons who are committed to providing the most advanced and comprehensive breast reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy. We understand that the diagnosis of breast cancer often presents an […]

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Revision breast surgery Chicago – as a very experienced plastic surgeon Dr Turowski is frequently consulted by patients dissatisfied with results of their breast surgery (that was performed by other surgeons) In most cases we are able to resolve their problems and improve appearance. Revision breast surgery Chicago – Testimonials * *Individual results may vary […]

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Nipple reduction in male and female breasts – in some case nipples appear to be out of proportion in both men and some women. Minor procedure usually done under local anesthesia can correct this sometimes embarrassing problem without conspicuous scars.* *Individual results may vary and there are no guarantees that you will experience the same […]

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