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Sculptra - before and after pictures

As we age the volume of our faces decreases, resulting in a hollow, tired look. It is comparable to a balloon deflating leaving wrinkles and folds. In the past we have tried to correct this aging appearance with facial fillers.  Sculptra Aesthetic is a new facial injectable approved by the FDA. It is unique from other facial injectables because of it’s ability to safely replace lost collagen over time. We call this product a “volumizer,”not a filler. Sculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a synthetic biodegradable polymer that is both absorbable and biocompatible. This same substance has been used in absorbable sutures in surgical procedures for over twenty years. These small particles of ply-L-lactic acid are rehydrated in a sterile water solution, which allows us to safely inject unique areas of the face which have lost facial fat. The injections are performed over 3 to 4 treatment sessions separated by 6 to 8 weeks.

Sculptra’s ability to stimulate collagen production results in a fuller more volumized face. The results are not a “quick fix”,but  gradually improve the lost facial fat and volume over time with each injection session. The results are a natural looking appearance. Studies have shown that results may last up to 24 months. Periodic touch ups will help maintain the new natural appearance of a more youthful face.

Sculptra Chicago – How does Sculptra work?

*Individual results may vary and there are no guarantees that you will experience the same results as those mentioned here.