Revision Breast Surgery – Before and After Pictures *

Exchange of the breast implants and correction of the bad result (surgery performed elsewhere), reposition, placement of the appropriate size implants (they cover chest wall):

Patient Case #2674 *

Patient Case #4908 *

Case description:

1 year result of breast revision surgery. The previous surgeon placed smaller implants in the left breast under the muscle and over the muscle in the right breast (incorrect). Implants were removed by Dr. Turowski, larger implants were both placed under the muscle.

Patient Case #5013 *

Case description:

Removal of Implants: 2 year result

Patient Case #5002 *

Case description:

Breast Augmentation Revision: Release of Pectoralis Muscles and Replacement/Repositioning of Larger Implants

Patient Case #4673 *

Case description:

Breast augmentation revision- the previous surgeon did not adequately release the pectoralis muscles.

Patient Case #4530 *

Case description:Capsulotomy: Implant repositioning for capsular contracture

Patient Case #2345 *

Case description:Exchange for the larger and more fitting chest/size appropriate implants.

Patient Case #4491 *

Case description:

35 yo with deflated right saline imlant – replaced with a larger silicone implants originally 275 current classic Memory gel 360.

Patient Case #2380 *

Case description:Correction of the “dissapearing implant = closure of the armpit pocket”.

Patient Case #2414 *

Patient Case #2432 *

Patient Case #2460 *

Patient Case #2472 *

Patient Case #2499 *

Patient Case #2534 *

Patient Case #2578 *

Patient Case #2591 *

Patient Case #2624 *


*Individual results may vary and there are no guarantees that you will experience the same results as those mentioned here.