Forehead/Brow lift (Endoscopic brow lift) Chicago*

This procedure is designed to remove heaviness of sagging eyebrows, reduce forehead and frown wrinkles and to elevate brows and eyelids, resulting in a refreshed, less tired look.

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Forehead/Brow lift (Endoscopic brow lift) FAQ

Who is a candidate for a brow lift ?

There is really no age limit. Wrinkles and frown lines are often first to appear in the brow and forehead area. Although some of these early signs of aging can be corrected by Botox injections, brow lift can provide permanent smoothing of these unwanted lines, combined with rejuvenating brow lift. This may provide a younger, fresher, friendlier appearance, even in very young patients with hereditary tendency to frown.*

How is brow lift performed?

For the last several years there has been a revolution in brow surgery. An “open” method is now almost completely abandoned in favor of “endoscopic” brow lift. This advanced, minimally invasive procedure is performed using a tiny fiberoptic lens inserted through half inch incisions which are strategically placed inside the hairline. The instruments are also introduced through these tiny incisions and the whole procedure is observed on the TV monitor. This endoscopic approach minimizes postoperative discomfort, scars and skin sensation loss typical for the open approach.

What is typical recovery like?

Discomfort is minimal. Incisions are invisible, being placed inside the hairline. Some bruising and swelling may form around the eyes and usually disappear within a week. With make up, patients may return to public life within few days.

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