Revision rhinoplasty Chicago

Revision rhinoplasty or secondary rhinoplasty is a procedure designed to improve aesthetic or functional complications occurring from a previous rhinoplasty. Aesthetic complications can include issues related to undercorrection or overcorrection following the primary surgery and frequently involve addressing those issues that are still problematic or re-building/re-sizing the nose with the addition of cartilage graft material (typically from the ear or rib). Functional issues related to nasal breathing may also have to be addressed.

Revision rhinoplasty is a very complex operation that should only be performed by surgeons with the appropriate training and experience. Often times, scar deposition from the previous rhinoplasty can increase the complexity of the procedure and increase level of expertise needed for a correction. Dr. Turowski is experienced in both primary and secondary rhinoplasty. To see if you are a candidate for revision rhinoplasty, call to schedule your consultation with our plastic surgery specialist at New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery.